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About Us

The Kobes Holding consortium currently encompasses three main directions: Welding School, Production, and the provision of qualified workforce for our partners both domestically and internationally.

We specialize in the preparation, welding, and assembly of piping systems, structures, tanks, and various products in the mechanical engineering industry, using a variety of materials. Our production facilities cover an area of 800m² and are equipped with high-quality MIG/MAG, WIG a MMA welders from brands such as LORCH, KEMPPI, and Fronius. Additionally, we have automatic saws, hydraulic sheet metal shears for thicknesses up to 10mm, pipe cutters, orbital welders ORBITEC and various other equipment dedicated to our production and welding school. When providing qualified personnel for our customers, we focus on project implementation for specific tasks and also on the rental of qualified personnel. As a company, we hold the ADZ/AÜG/Temporary Employment Agency certification for temporary employment in Slovakia and Germany.

The company of Kobes operates in the market as a company with extensive experience in the field, gained through numerous projects worldwide. We consistently provide our partners with high-quality service and maintain a professional approach to individual projects.


Total number of employees

On average, our company employs around 250 internal and external skilled professionals for projects both domestically and internationally.


Long-standing experience

We are experts in the field of welding, having gained experience on complex international projects.


Completed projects

Our company has successfully completed over 100 projects worldwide.

The history of our company


The company was founded by two brothers (twins) while working abroad, where they served as welders and pipefitters, later advancing into project leadership roles.


Conversion of garages into administrative and storage spaces, where welding tests were also conducted.


Relocation to new office spaces on G. Švéniho Street in Prievidza and the hiring of the first employees into the offices.


Completion of certification and obtaining the SCCp certificate.


Completion of certification and acquisition of the following certificates:
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 54001:2018


Acquisition of the Temporary Employee Agency license in Slovakia and the AÜG license in Germany for the deployment of employees on projects.


Acquisition and utilization of assistance from European funds and the purchase of new equipment such as welders and extraction systems to production needs.


Relocation to new premises in Prievidza on Športová Street in the Industrial park, where we renovated a two-story administrative building and a hall with an area of approximately 1000m2.


Opening of the Kobes Welding Academy, a welding school.


From the very inception of the company, emphasis was placed on quality and professionalism, and as a result, we have successfully achieved the following certifications.

Our scope of operation extends across various industrial sectors

We specialize in tackling challenges in various industrial sectors, not limiting ourselves by obstacles or the complexity of projects.

Mechanical Engineering





And others…

We realize worldwide

Most of the projects for our clients have been realized in Europe, but we have had the opportunity to be part of projects in the USA and Colombia as well.

Our references