Our business are about pipe systems, tanks, frames and any other products based on the stainless steel material and steel - black material. We prepare the plans, perform the actual work (welding etc.) and push them into production.


Kobes s.r.o. is company on the market with much experience from the projects we do now and which we did in the past. Our projects were located in Europe and worldwide as well.


Alongside the highest quality our customers can expect the best service as well. We are looking forward to tell you about the accomplished projects in order to convince you of the overall quality of our work.


Our customers come from these branches so far:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • food industry
  • drug industry
  • breweries
  • chemical industry

For each project, we send only qualified workers Kobes s.r.o. such as :

  • TIG (WIG) - Certified welders
  • MIG / MAG - Certified welders
  • Pipe Fitters - knowledge of isometry
  • Fitters- with knowledge of drawing documentation



Kompletný návrh a príprava potrubných systémov a konštrukcií



Prevedenie zváračských prác metódou TIG(WIG) a MIG/MAG rôznych materiálov,priemerov a hrúbok


Montáž hotových systémov a ich uvedenie do prevádzky